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Essentium releases its COVID-19 Update.

In February 2020, Essentium established a work from home plan effective April 1, 2020.  We have digitized all of our files and built a new CRM.  With COVID-19 in Puerto Rico, we have escalated our timeline.  Therefore, all of our employees now work from home.

Some of the work we do is for physicians.  We have suspended physicians office visits until the COVID-19 danger has passed.  We did this to protect our employees and their families.

Our work at home plan includes office telephones.  Therefore, your calls should be answered with our normal “2 rings good, 3 rings bad” mentality.

Many of the tasks that we do for you require the we interface with government offices.  Many of these offices are closed or running with leaner staffs than normal  This may delay our normally speedy results.